Rob Swette is Managing Partner of Sales Growth Associates and helps executives and their team members design and implement strategies to achieve their goals, build the sales team they want and stay on track.


Rob is an entrepreneur at heart.  He loves working with teams that are keen to grow and become all that they can be.  He has worked with and within business organizations and non-profits as both a volunteer and board member.  Through this experience he has learned first-hand how to mobilize a group of people to achieve their objectives.

Rob is a Convene member, which has been a great way for him to bridge his faith and professional work.  It has made such a positive impact on his life and he is forever grateful.

Rob was very fortunate to work with Peter Drucker while doing his post-graduate work on strategic management at the Claremont Graduate School.  Rob also received his MBA from Ashland University and an BS in Engineering from Arizona State University. 

Rob lives in Carlsbad, California along with his wife Teri, while his daughter Anna is completing her studies in Health Sciences at the Barrett Honors College, Arizona State University.

Client Testimonies

“Rob brought definition to our sales process, created a strong system of accountability, advanced the sales development and closing skills of our team, and assisted us in bringing on additional resources. Rob was able to quickly assess our current situation, identify what was needed, and then developed a plan to get it done. The results? Record sales in just a few short months and a record year.”


Don Clutter
MIE Solutions

“MIE Solutions was having sales process issues and we knew there had to be some changes for our company. I was impressed by Rob's ability to communicate the common problems most sales organizations and people have, and actually come up with process solutions. I invited Rob in to work with the sales team in sales training, sales process flow and new hires. Rob also worked on organizational charts and job descriptions, product offerings (including pricing), and sales management dashboards.  I suggest in a support organization you use Rob to help train staff on how to communicate effectively with clients. It’s difficult to find consultants that work with your whole team without an ego, and I found Rob was able to come in and do the job. ”


David Ferguson
MIE Solutions


We focus on helping leaders and their teams achieve their goals with a focus on strategic management and sales.



We provide consulting and training in the areas of strategic management and sales.  In addition to our consulting, we offer “third-hand” help to ease the burden of the executive with a part-time practitioner, ideal for new initiatives, restarts or transitions.



We provide individual coaching for executives or their team members that are “stuck” and looking for outside accountability or a credible voice to process ideas with.


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