Most CEOs and Business
Leaders go it Alone

Convene is a trusted-community of Christian leaders who inspire each other toward industry-leading performance with Kingdom purpose through Peer-Advisory Groups and Executive Coaching

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From the “council of many”, wisdom can be discerned and acted upon with incredible results in your life and business.


While profitability is vital and good, God’s definition of “success” requires integration with other priorities in life.


Being an incredible leader in your company is important; being a great spouse or parent has an even more profound impact.


God has a unique plan and great adventure for your life and business; we help each other live into our calling from God.

Managing Your Work-Life Balance

How do you find balance between your business, your family and your faith? Learn how to find time for every important aspect of your life with Convene’s Peer-Advisory Groups and Executive Coaching.

The return on investment… you can’t measure it in percentages, it’s really priceless.
— Michael Sollazzo | Partner, Capital Planning Advisors

The Investment of Your Time and Money

Time is money. At Convene, we can guarantee that your time is well-spent. The people, resources and materials available to our members help to multiply their time. Growing a business requires wise investments, and members of Convene see their return year after year.

We’ve seen businesses in our group double and triple. Revenues from the time that I’ve joined [Convene] to now are double what they were.
— Dawn Brinson-Roark | President, Brinson Benefits

Solutions for Change in Your Life and Business

It takes intentional time set aside to develop change in your life and your business. Convene helps you confront issues and blind spots in order to develop solutions and implement real change.



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