We’re honored that you have chosen to explore this opportunity with Convene to serve Christian CEOs and their leadership teams. We are praying that your story, woven together with our story, could have a strong and lasting Kingdom impact.

A Calling to Lead Leaders

If you feel that you have been called to leverage your life’s learnings and wisdom to influence and inspire the next generation of Christian leaders, the role of a Convene Chair may be a wonderful vehicle to accomplish that mission.

The Chair is uniquely positioned and prepared to serve as a mentor, confidant, friend and executive coach in the leader’s journey: growing their business, having a healthy marriage, leading their family and achieving better life balance as they spin all these plates. The joy for a Chair is witnessing the fruit of how God uses their wisdom and experience to influence leaders of leaders.

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Your Life as a Leader

The highlight of the Convene Chair experience is leading a lively and productive Forum day each month. Here, Convene members mutually support and interact with each other on the issues and challenges they encounter. The member benefit is experiencing the collective wisdom, encouragement and accountability toward their goals in all areas of life.

Between each Forum meeting, executive coaching sessions are scheduled monthly with each member of the team. The purpose of these coaching sessions is to assist the members in identifying business, life and faith long-term goals. The Chair then walks alongside these leaders to help them achieve these goals. Chairs strive to create a safe, confidential, mutually-trusting relationship for open and candid discussions.

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What You'll Do

  • Lead a Forum Team

    Meet once a month with a group of Christian CEOs and executives, and guide them through discussions about business challenges, faith and family.

  • Executive Coaching

    Meet individually in One2One™ coaching sessions with your team members. Explore their business and life challenges, all from a faith-based perspective.

  • Consulting

    Become a certified consultant and work with businesses internationally in your specific field of expertise. Leverage your Convene platform to help businesses on a global scale.

Convene Leader Stories

Harris Wheeler Convene Chair Birmingham, Alabama
Jim Woodward Convene Chair Dallas, Texas
Joe LaRussa Convene Chair San Diego, California
Marcus Bigelow Convene Chair Sacramento, California

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