Our Story & Faith Foundation

Founded in 1996 by Brian Thatcher and a group of five CEOs and business owners, Convene was created to meet a vital need. God gave Brian and his partners a passion for successful business leaders that were isolated and lacked the tools, support and relationships they needed to build profitable businesses. At the same time, they helped them integrate their faith with their work to make a great Kingdom impact.

Since then, we’ve been seeking God’s wisdom and consistently innovating to best accomplish our mission, vision and values.

Life of a Leader

Convene’s mission is to connect, equip and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses and become higher-impact leaders to honor God. Through a community of peer-to-peer advisory teams, executive coaching and world-class consulting, we work with Christian CEOs and business owners to impact the Life of a Leader, leading to an ultimate Kingdom legacy.

We work together to enhance your business and life trajectory, while exploring where God is leading you. Convene provides ongoing business and leadership skill-development with access to One2One™ coaching and advisory teams, nationally-recognized speakers, and break-through content for continuous transformational learning. Particular attention is given to contributing wisdom, encouragement and accountability toward your goals for the purpose of achieving better results in all areas of your life.

Parallel Priorities

Parallel Priorities are the vital areas of commitment in our life that have high importance. They’re the core areas of our daily calling in which mediocrity and failure can have huge implications for us, our families and businesses. In Christ, success in all these priorities is possible at the same time, resulting in the benefits and blessings of a life well-lived.


Our Christian CEO and Business Owner Parallel Priorities:

Being a High-Impact Family Leader

Being an incredible leader in your company is important; being a great spouse or parent has an even more profound impact. Investing the time to develop nurturing and supportive relationships, honoring your commitments and living out your faith with the people you care most about will impact generations to come. At Convene, we’ll help you live out the reality that your family is your primary ministry.

Growing an Exceptional Business

Your business leadership is both a gift and a stewardship from God. The Parable of the Talents is clear: God expects you to get a good return on the assets He has entrusted to you, including: profits to keep the company healthy, opportunities for your employees and a fair return for you and other shareholders. While profitability is vital and good, God’s definition of “success” requires integration with other priorities in life.

Serving God With Significance

God has a unique plan and great adventure for your life and business. It embraces your dreams, strengths, passions, personality and experiences. At Convene, we emphasize that our true significance comes from loving and serving God faithfully in all areas of life. He has blessed you with the opportunity to serve others in and through your business, and to be a blessing to the world by bearing “much fruit".

Our Vision

Transforming lives and businesses globally for God’s glory

Our Mission

To connect, equip and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses and become higher-impact leaders to honor God

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