Jeff is an experienced aerospace industry executive, leading divisions of public companies in the secular world using Christian principles.


Jeff was President of Aerochem, a $30 million aerospace chemical milling company in Southern California and was also General Manager of the consolidated divisions of Ducommun AeroStructures, a $105 million entity before becoming a Chair for Convene. His many years managing in challenging conditions gives him a deep toolbox from which to help clients eager to gain answers about improving their company’s performance.

Jeff graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in Industrial Arts, Metal Working and Machining and has worked in his field for over 40 years. He serves on several For Profit and Non Profit Boards and is Managing Partner of The Barnabas Group Inland Empire. Jeff and his wife of 44 years are long time members of Chino Valley Community Church in Chino Hills, California. He has two grown sons and enjoys being involved in the lives of his grandchildren in Southern California.


The Barnabas group is a ministry to ministries where seasoned Christian leaders use their talents and experiences to help fledgling ministries make it to their next steps.


Sharing the love of Christ with the poor throughout the world by providing free wheelchairs. Recipients can find salvation, purpose, education, and employment through the gift of the chair in their lives.


FrontSight Military Outreach

Providing hope to veterans in Southern California who may be suffering with PTSD, loneliness, and social difficulties due to their experiences in combat and war. FrontSight provides solace through encouragement, fitness equipment, chapel services, coffee bar, Internet café, and day room facilities to hang out in. Also, a companion dog ministry helps vets avoid the temptations for self-destructive behaviors.


Distributing seed money throughout the third world to under resourced Christian business entrepreneurs in need of working capital. Money is loaned by a trained “Loan Officer” who works with local teams of business owners who use the microfinance money, perhaps $250 loans, to fund their businesses. Monies are all repaid with interest and redistributed over and over, thereby creating growing micro-economies and thriving local churches in towns throughout those countries.


Chaplains are placed in Christian owned companies to provide care for the workforce without a personal agenda. They provide a “pastor type” connection to people who have no connection to clergy who can care for them. Though they are non-denominational, over time many client workers will receive Christ because of this relationship.


NCF provides a means to create personal foundations to distribute wealth. Donors receive tax relief the moment funds are deposited (they become property of NCF at that time) but can direct the use of the monies in a Donor Advised Fund. Many donors learn to give in greater ways because they use this vehicle.


Many of our youth are leaving the faith because they are disillusioned that Science and the Bible/Creation are thought to be incompatible. However, RTB spends their lives researching the truth about how Science and Creation are totally compatible partners. In fact, once the facts are known, only the most suborn would hold on to a Godless creation answer. They publish many books and works to prove their point(s) and bring together an annual week-long series each summer known as The Lab. Aspiring college science and engineering majors are encouraged to test the data in this format.


The Sheepfold is a system of supervised 1st and 2nd step homes used for rehabilitating and transforming abused moms and children. Guests come to The Sheepfold dazed and confused by their twisted and dependent life experiences. Through daily training and Bible Studies, they learn how God values them and how wrong their abusers are to torment them. Most moms and their children emerge with a new Christian faith, funds that have been accumulated for them while in the homes, jobs, furniture, and often a family car to take with them in addition to all of the training.


Holding free public events for the underserved where music, attractions, and food giveaways culminate in a gospel message where hundreds receive Christ. New believers are baptized as well and are visited at their dwelling place within 72 hours of the event.


About Our Team

Jeff serves as Chairman for 3 Convene Teams in Southern California. Members work together to hammer out difficult issues in a safe place where they employ their faith principles in leading God honoring businesses. Participating companies enjoy better performance as owners live their lives in a more congruent way with their beliefs, finding greater purpose in why God called them to own a company in the first place. New tools and methods help them hurdle obstacles that have kept them back for a long time. All of a sudden things begin to flow, so members typically remain committed for many years.


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