Have you been looking for a sounding board of individuals that can challenge you to take your business and your leadership farther? Imagine having the opportunity to sit around a table of your peers – other Christian business owners and CEOs.

Once a month, you could share both the challenges and opportunities that have come to your business. Some of those leaders may have experienced the same issues that you have in business, life and faith, and are there to share their wisdom with you. They can challenge your ideas, share from past experiences, and help you make better decisions.

There are groups like these all over the world, they’re called Peer Advisory Groups, and Convene hosts them for businesses ranging from start-ups to multi-million dollar franchises. Take control over the direction of your organization, and find a Peer Advisory Group that fits you.

How to Join

Create Transformational Change

85% of Convene Member companies outperform other companies in their industry
81% of Members attribute significant improvement in their leadership abilities to their Convene experience
97% of Members attribute transformation in their business, life and faith to their Convene experience
" If you're running a business and want to do more, go further, not just in business but in your faith and personal life, this is a great place... There's no subject that's not discussed.

A few of our proud member companies

Features of Being a Member

  • Advisory Group

    Meet once a month with a peer group of fellow CEOs and business leaders, all led by a seasoned business leader and executive coach. Grow your business and yourself in community.

  • Executive Coaching

    Personal executive coaching sessions where Convene members meet individually, once a month with their coaches to dig deeper and find answers for the challenges they face.

  • Expert Speakers

    Our lineup of experienced speakers will visit your team and take you on a deep dive into their field of expertise. Get your questions answered and learn from these skilled business leaders.

  • Breakthrough Content

    Convene produces class-leading content for continuous transformational learning. In your team you will spend time processing and learning together through these materials.

  • Member Events

    Our events are held throughout the year to serve our members by offering world-class speakers, training and interaction with peers. They serve as a time for us to grow and learn together.

Three Ways to Join

  • Forum Group

    Meet with business leaders of mature companies in your area.

    Meeting Frequency Once Monthly
    Meeting Length All Day
    Location Your City
    Executive Coaching Yes
    Speakers Yes
    Business Size $2+ million
    Learn More Locate Team
  • Genesis Group

    Meet with owners of startups and small businesses in your area.

    Meeting Frequency Once Monthly
    Meeting Length Half Day
    Location Your City
    Executive Coaching Yes
    Speakers No
    Business Size < $2 million
    Learn More Locate Team
  • Online Peer Group

    Meet with business leaders in a convenient online format.

    Meeting Frequency Twice Monthly
    Meeting Length 2 hours
    Location Video Conference
    Executive Coaching Yes
    Speakers No
    Business Size All
    Learn More Locate Team

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