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Marita's 30-year career brings a unique skill set as an experienced CFO / CPA with financial analysis expertise, Enterprise / Information Systems knowledge, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt experience in transforming operations. Combined, this enables her to assist business owners in tackling their challenges and growing profitably. Through her expertise as a wealth advisor and personal financial specialist (CKA®, CLTC®) she can advise regarding the most impactful ways to utilize your and your company's wealth.

About Marita

As the Founder and CEO of ALIGN Financial, Marita works with teams, clients and executives across industries to improve profits, engage people and increase impact through each company’s unique purpose.

She is a leader of organizational change and major system/strategic platform conversions. She is experienced in building culture and in selecting, preparing and leading teams and individuals to achieve strong results through personal growth and development that honors and glorifies God. Her deep financial and operations acumen allow her to view and advise on issues from a broad perspective.

She has a life purpose of empowering individuals and business owners to improve wealth creation and inspire them to use it for the benefit of the world around us in a manner that honors God. She does this in two ways: 


1) Empower businesses – by enabling opportunities to maximize their impact by aligning: 

  • Business processes 

  • Information and financial systems 

  • Compensation and tax strategies 

2) Empower individuals – by providing our clients an economic model that helps them make decisions based on a Biblical world view, using strategies and processes that are verifiable, sound and aligned with their values. We help our clients:

  • Become financially efficient 

  • Reduce taxes and risk 

  • Increase returns and protection 

  • Handle retirement and estate planning 

  • Balance contentment, personal planning and Kingdom impact

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Functional Experience:

  • Compensation Strategies and Design

  • Enterprise System Implementation

  • Financial Systems and Process Controls

  • Lean Accounting

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Operational Strategy

  • Process Innovation and Redesign

  • Voice of the Market

Select Industry Experience

  • Aerospace

  • Banking

  • Construction

  • Distribution

  • Financial Services

  • Foundry

  • Grocery

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Restaurant

  • Retail

  • Trucking


Marita’s history of results

Leading Financial Services Company: Lead strategic design , system implementation and orchestrated organizational change for innovative sales incentive program for national sales force; program was instrumental in turning a loss trend, driving five straight years of significant sales and membership (client) growth.

Fortune 500 Financial Services and Insurer: Led the design, creation and implementation of an operations-wide continuous improvement culture. The organization faced serious cost pressures that were negatively impacting their long term viability.  They currently boast over 300 green belts and 100 black belts and they are approaching nearly $200M in value created through improvements.

Foundry and Manufacturing Company: Designed and implemented system and processes to increase profitability through strategic changes in supply chain management and cost recovery, resulting in an annual increase of $1.2M to the bottom line.

Aeronautics Manufacturer: Developed cash forecasting and risk analysis model that allowed the company to plan for and achieve 300% growth in sales, anticipate and acquire necessary financing to fuel that growth.  

National Construction Company: Redesigned shared equipment management processes for a national construction / manufacturing company with five regional divisions, saving $750M in operating costs annually.

Top Financial Services Advisor: In cooperation with the producers team, directed a process improvement effort for a large financial services advisor resulting in a 25% increase in sales capacity whileaccomplishing a full FTE in staff cost reduction/redirection.

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