Jim’s passion is to help leaders improve their businesses, increase the quality of their lives, and integrate their faith into their work so that they can positively influence employees and customers for Jesus.

God has prepared him with extensive experience in leadership, consulting, facilitating, coaching, and adult learning design to be able to help leaders clarify their visions and bring them to life.

For Capgemini, one of the largest consulting firms in the world, Jim launched and lead local, regional, national, and international businesses with full responsibility for marketing, sales, delivery, and P&L. Later, Jim helped found the first and only national, internet-driven company providing ice machines to commercial businesses on a full-service basis and had responsibility for creating its national network of sales and service licensees. Jim is also a certified Vision Clarity navigator for Auxano so that he can help churches and non-profits collaboratively uncover their unique God-given vision, mission, values, strategy, and measures.

After attending the United States Air Force Academy, Jim graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS degree in finance. Jim lives in the Dallas area, has been married for 35 years to his wife Julie, has 3 children, and one grandchild. His faith is central to his life and he is a member of Irving Bible Church where he serves as an elder and the leader for the adult equipping ministry that has designed and delivers a broad curriculum of highly-interactive learning experiences. Jim also serves on the board of Entrust, a mission dedicated to multiplying church leaders in some of the most difficult parts of the world.


Convene’s mission is to connect, equip, and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses, become higher-impact leaders and honor God. Through peer-to-peer and executive coaching insight. Growing toward increased personal and business impact. Leading to an ultimate Kingdom legacy.


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