Randy has always had a passion for business, beginning his entrepreneurial career by opening his first business, a drive-in restaurant, as a college student. Having owned and operated six businesses in various industries throughout his 40+ year career, Randy understands the pressures and challenges CEOs and entrepreneurs face. He further understands the complexity of aligning business careers with the Christian calling. His book, “Called to Business: Pursuing Economic Success with Spiritual Purpose”, addresses that very issue.

As a business consultant and coach, Randy assists CEOs and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of excellence and growth, both personally and business-wise. Through creative problem solving and strategic planning, his CEO clients are able to identify and access methods, tools, and counsel that will enable them to become better business and spiritual leaders within their sphere of influence.

As a Convene Chair in Tyler, Texas, Randy engages business owners and CEOs in an executive team environment to profitably grow their businesses and increase their leadership impact using peer-to-peer collaboration and one-to-one coaching.

Randy feels blessed to be married to Shannon, and a father to two adult children who are serving the Lord. He has served on various church committees, as an elder, and as a teacher. He has also served on several non-profit boards as well as the Texas State Board of Education. Randy is a lifetime learner, recently completing his PhD in organizational development and change at the University of Texas at Tyler, Soules School of Business.


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Convene’s mission is to connect, equip, and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses, become higher-impact leaders and honor God. Through peer-to-peer and executive coaching insight. Growing toward increased personal and business impact. Leading to an ultimate Kingdom legacy.


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