Confronting Unwanted Sexual Behavior | The Spiritually Healthy Leader Pt. 3

Confronting Unwanted Sexual Behavior | The Spiritually Healthy Leader Pt. 3

Jay Stringer, a licensed mental health counselor, ordained minister, and author of "Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing", joins Greg Leith in Seattle for a conversation on a topic that few dare to touch. How does the power of a leader infused with their sexual brokenness impact their lives and the lives of those that they lead?

Godly Exit Strategy feat. Dan Lucas

Welcome back to Season 1, Episode 11 of the Convene Podcast. Dan Lucas from CVG Advisors joins us this week to talk with us about exit planning strategies with a biblical perspective and how CVG Advisors can help.

CVG Advisors offer sound strategic advice throughout the entire business lifecycle – from helping you to develop a business transition plan, identify viable exit options, get you “sale-ready”, evaluate strategic alternatives and act as your trusted financial advisor throughout a transaction.

They take the time to understand your business, including your financial profile and key value drivers, so that we are well-positioned to advise you on how to best maximize and protect the value of your business.

CVG Advisors not only help you navigate the strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks in pursuit of successful company performance but they also focus on helping you to build sustainable value in your business in order to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

The 9 Transformational Behaviors of a Servant Leader feat. Art Barter

Welcome back to Season 1, Episode 10 of the Convene Podcast. What does it mean to be a servant leader? And why does it matter? How can it make a difference in the way you live your day-to-day life as a leader? How can it transform the lives of others? As the owner and Cultural Architect of Datron World Communications, Inc., Art Barter turned a $10 million company into a $200 million dollar company in just six years.

The success was born out of his desire to transform a traditional system of leadership into a servant-led organization. As an active speaker, Art tells Datron’s riveting story of moving from severe adversity to a significant organization committed to leading for the sake of others. He believes that how you get results is more important than the results themselves.

Art has presented the servant leadership message to a variety of corporate, government, and nonprofit audiences throughout the U.S. Prior to joining Datron in 1997, he spent eight years working with the Disney Corporation and more than 25 years at manufacturing companies. He is the Founder, CEO, and President of Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) in Carlsbad, California.

Listen in to discover:

  • The 9 transformational behaviors of a servant leader
  • The thing that matters in life MORE than your work
  • How to align your personal priorities with your business priorities
  • The one change that needs to be made to Robert Greenleaf’s classic book, Servant Leadership

Faith@Work, Pt. 2 feat. Helen Mitchell

Welcome back to Season 1, Episode 9 of the Convene Podcast. The concept of being called to a particular line of work is usually relegated to pastors and religious vocations. But what if you could be called to a position in the workplace? What if your calling to business was every bit as holy as your pastor’s calling to the church? At Convene, we strongly believe that the workplace is a “sacred space” and that many of us are called by God to serve there.

Faith@Work, Pt. 1 feat. Helen M. Mitchell

Welcome back to Season 1, Episode 8 of the Convene Podcast. Where do you start with the whole conversation around faith and the workplace? What are the foundations of the theology of work for busy CEOs? What are the first steps to understanding this? Helen M. Mitchell is a speaker, author and consultant to business leaders and pastors. Helen was the architect that led 2,000 people into workplace small groups at Saddleback Church and is currently the Director of the Center for Faith Work and Economics at Talbot Seminary and Biola University. She leads the church strategy for Convene bridging the church to the marketplace.

Destination Somewhere feat. Jim Eaton

Welcome back to Season 1, Episode 6 of the Convene Podcast. This week, Jim Eaton joins Greg Leith to discuss what it takes to execute on your plan. We've got a hint: strategizing does not equal executing! Did you know that 90% of all strategies developed are never executed? We don't want you among the 90% that doesn't achieve their goals. We want you among the 10% that does what they plan to do.

Legally Living Your Faith in Your Company feat. Brad Dacus

Welcome back to Season 1, Episode 5 of the Convene Podcast. This week, Greg Leith sat down with Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute. PJI's mission is to defend religious freedom...without charge, and they’ve been doing so since 1997. In this episode, they discuss questions like: How do you boldly stand for Christ in the center of the workplace? What is legal and what is off-limits in terms of evangelism? What are the laws regarding how a Christian CEO leads his or her company?

The Millennial Solution feat. Gabrielle Jackson-Bosche

Welcome back to Season 1, Episode 2 of the Convene Podcast. This week, Brian Bosche and Gabrielle Jackson-Bosche joined Greg Leith to discuss The Millennial Solution, the title of Gabrielle's book and company. The Millennial Solution is dedicated to helping CEO's and businesses bridge the generational gap that has been created with the influx of over 80 million millennials joining the workforce in the past few years.