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Consulting Futurist, Executive Mentor and Strategic Coach


Dr. Michael Petty is the co-founder and consulting-futurist at Flagship Futures Group, LLC in Washington, DC. He brings over forty-five years of strategic and financial experience to the service of his clients. His most significant value to his clients lies in his expertise in the areas of strategic thinking, planning and execution; shareholder value creation; and leadership development.

Mike has worked at the strategic and financial executive level of a Fortune 500 multi-national manufacturing company, a senior executive with a privately-owned medical service company as well as serving in the capacity of senior vice-president and consultant for an international financial advisory firm, and a consultant in a “Big Four” public accounting firm.

Dr. Petty is the former Dean of the School of Business of Stratford University. In this capacity, he developed the university's innovative joint Doctor of Business Administration and Information Technology programs. Mike has taught the Financial Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence courses in the programs core curriculum, and the three Strategic Foresight specialization courses. He was also the doctoral advisor for candidates pursuing the Strategic Foresight specialization.

Mike has also created and conducted workshops on the development of strategic foresight and futures thinking for the International Conference of the World Futures Society and the International Conference of the Association of Talent Development. Dr. Petty is currently a member of the World Future Society and The Association of Professional Futurists.

Dr. Petty received his bachelor’s degree in accounting and Executive Master of Business Administration degrees from Michigan State University, and his Doctorate in Strategic Foresight from Regent University.

Mike and his wife, Katherine, have been married for 45 years. They have three adult children and five grandchildren. They are members of the Reston Bible Church in Sterling, Virginia.

About our Team

Convene’s mission is to connect, equip, and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses, become higher-impact leaders and honor God. Through peer-to-peer and executive coaching insight. Growing toward increased personal and business impact. Leading to an ultimate Kingdom legacy.



I serve professionals, executives and senior management teams by drawing on my specialized expertise developed over forty-five years of managerial and consultative experience. I couple my mastery of financial theory and financial leadership experience with my education, skills, and experience as a consulting futurist providing clients with a powerful one-two punch to help them create their preferred future and optimize long-term stakeholder value.

In this rapidly changing business environment professionals and executives must “look” beyond the typical one-to-three planning horizon to avail themselves of potential opportunities and protect themselves from significant risks. I work closely with my clients in the development of customized strategic thinking, planning and execution, stakeholder value maximization, and innovation development systems.

Whether the client is a nascent one-person enterprise or an established organization with hundreds of employees the ability to be future-ready is an absolute leadership and organizational requirement.

Specifically, I facilitate the customization of the following systems:

  • Futures Thinking, Planning and Execution (Being Future Smart)

  • Stakeholder Value Optimization

  • Creativity, Innovation, and Disruption

  • Business Model Optimization

  • The Exceptional Thinking Organization



I have been coaching and mentoring corporate managers and executives for almost forty years. At the height of my corporate finance career, I mentored and coached the CFOs and controllers of over forty different business units, to ensure a constant succession of qualified financial management throughout a global, diversified corporation. My desire to assist professionals, managers, and leaders in their professional development has been foundational to my continuing development.

I became affiliated with Convene Christian CEOs, becoming their Washington, DC Chair in 2012. A significant component of my Chair responsibilities is the one-to-one coaching of the CEO members. To further my ability to coach successful, high-powered executives I have pursued professional education and training in executive coaching as provided by The Professional Christian Coaching Institute, and qualified for certification with the International Coaching Federation.

Influenced by my unique future-oriented perspective of business leadership, I offer my clients a unique foundation for addressing professional growth opportunities and obstacles.

I have established a growing executive coaching practice with clients throughout the United States and Canada.


Speaking Services

I am an accomplished conference speaker. I have either spoken or conducted workshops or seminars at major conferences, such as The Association of Talent Development International Conference, and the World Future Society International Conference. I have addressed such varied topics as "Developing Strategic Foresight," "Innovation and Disruption," "Being Future Ready," and "Maximizing Shareholder Value." I have also addressed various other critical business topics at the request of my clients.


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