Dale Hedges

Business Operations Consultant
Townsend Leadership Program Director
Leadership Coach & Consultant

Building Companies and Leaders From the Inside Out


Dale is a Business Operations Consultant with a focus on Lean and Continuous Improvement.  Also, Dale is a trained, and certified Townsend Leadership Program Director, Executive Leadership Coach, and Consultant.  Dale looks to guide others who have the heart for authentic leadership in all they do and have a desire for personal growth beyond their current level of success.  Dale combines his experience of operational excellence with coaching the leadership team to lead the company at a higher level of success.  Dale’s passion comes from his extensive experience managing teams in industries such as Consumer Electronics, High-Tech, Department of Defense, Aerospace, HVAC, Medical Devices, and non-profit start-up.

Dale’s deep experience as an executive leader in Business Operations with his training and certification at the Townsend Leadership Group uniquely sets him apart as one who can guide leaders in operational excellence while mentoring them in strengthening their abilities to lead at a higher level of success. 

Dale integrates his experience and training of business operations excellence with authentic, people-centric leadership.  In Dale’s view, one cannot succeed without the other. 

Dale’s mission is to blend successful organizational change with strong leadership growth, focusing on company profitability. 

Dale holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Magna Cum Laude, from Pepperdine University.

Dale and his family reside in Orange County, California.  He enjoys experiencing life with God, family and friends, experiencing the beaches of California in all its forms, taking backpacking trips, and four-wheeling in his Jeep.

Partial Client List

  • Toshiba America

  • Intel

  • Gateway Computers

  • Edwards Life Sciences

  • Christian Community Credit Union

  • Executive Coaching Clients

Key Areas of Work

  • Lean Enterprise

  • Operational Excellence

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Development

Client Testimonials


“Dale’s contribution was instrumental in helping us rethink our business operations and help us survive the impact of the recession. He also worked to position us for growth, and OMNI emerged as a company able to compete in a very different business environment.”

Bob Brumleu
CEO, OmniDuct

steve philp.jpeg

"[Dale’s] career experiences gave him the platform to introduce and drive valuable operational concepts and leadership that helped us emerge from the recession and move from “surviving to thriving.” This includes not only the lean and continuous improvement thinking that has permeated our company, but also revitalizing our employee development and improving communication both externally and internally.”

Steve Philp
VP & CFO, OmniDuct


“Every time I meet with Dale, I come away with a new perspective. I’ve taken the ideas Dale helped formulate directly back to the office, resulting in great outcomes for the people I work with and my role in the organization. He brings a powerful combination of operational experience, leadership excellence, and spiritual wisdom that directly impact my relationships with employees, executives, and customers. Dale helps me make solid strategic decisions for the company, my team, and my career…”

Zane Hall
Executive Director at Maxim Integrated


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