Learning to Act Your Age

Very soon it will be a year that I’ve been “wearing 60” and, in retrospect, it’s been like another adolescence.  I’m amazed that it’s taken me this long to “come of age,” and thankful for the people and experiences that have brought me to this place.


A few of my peers have paved the way for my seventh decade of life.  One commented that, “Your attitude just changes”, something I did not understand until I hit the big birthday.  Seemingly overnight there came a confidence, an assurance, that I had earned my status, my stature, my grey hairs and wrinkles and, with that, the privilege to be heard.


Some wear this status as arrogance, a characteristic that I work to avoid.  Some wear it as indifference, an attitude for which I hope to never settle.  Some think it’s a license to speak unfiltered, to act without concern or to sit in complacency.  Those are spaces where I refuse to reside.


I’ve taken on this decade as a challenge – to demonstrate more of the good in me, to be a better role model, to understand others, to improve my leadership.  To slow down to the pace of life, to assimilate all my knowledge and experience and to be fully present – with others and with God.  For He has certainly put great effort into molding me into a person who can serve Him well.  It would be a dishonor to ignore that work and shun my responsibility as a disciple.


Understanding my limitations and position in life, consenting to be held accountable for my dreams and goals and being open to correction are all steps that keep me on track and help me avoid the temptation toward stagnation. 


This strategy is not a place of comfort or safety.  Rather, it is a place of excitement and adventure, of wisdom and knowledge.  It will be a great space to spend the next decade, God willing.


Before becoming a Convene Chair, Joe gained thirty years of business experience in the construction and real estate development industries. After gaining much knowledge he started his own construction company, growing the business from a specialized subcontracting business into multiple entities.