The Truth of Who You Really Are

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
— Romans 8:37

A new and improved “you” comes quickly when you accept who you are now.

It seems that many Christians have opted to climb aboard the “Discontentment Train". And as you know, once it gets going, it’s hard to stop a train. The most detrimental downside of our aspirations to become a better Christian is the disease of ignoring the value of who we are in Christ… right now.

The norm is to focus on who we are not and what we don’t have, rather than receive God’s perspective of our beauty, power and prize. We fixate on things we believe are broken or missing. The result is a discontented never-ending quest for "better" that actually slows growth and puts blinders on the beauty around us.

True growth comes from acceptance of what God said is so and operating from that place, not frantically chasing after what is not, or perhaps not yet. Hidden contentment comes to those who accept that God is not done with us. Thus, being connected to our brilliance in Christ and the complete work he has done and will do in us creates a wonderful space for God to work, but we often forget that it may take work to get to that restful place.

God calls us to “labor into rest,” as a discipline, and He desires for us to find rest in Him in a matter of seconds, not days, months or years. It is only in this place of rest where the acknowledgment of who we really are can seep through our busyness, insecurities and disbelief.

Think of it this way: To be still is to know the fullness of God. The extent of how well we know God will determine how well we know who we are in Him. Only then will we see our true beauty and our infinite strength regardless of where we are in life.

The question is: At what level do you own God’s commitment about who you already are in Him?

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