Who Needs a Coach?

and if you are sure that you are a guide to the blind, a light to those who are in darkness, a corrector of the foolish, a teacher of children, having in the law the embodiment of knowledge and truth, you, then, that teach others, will you not teach yourself?
— Romans 2:19-21

Walk the Talk.  Do as I say… not as I do.  Eat my own cooking. Hypocrite.  Pharisee.

Who needs an executive coach?  After all, I got where I am by hard work, taking risks, dedication, self-motivation, self-discipline, stretching my comfort zone, pushing my limits.

There’s a lot of “me” and “self“ in that last sentence.  What about the multitude of teachers, mentors, peers, fans, and parents who instructed, supported, cheered and financed my development?

So, who needs an executive coachNot everyone needs a coach, but everyone is better with a coach!

By its simplest definition, a coach is a vehicle that takes someone from Point A to Point B.  A competent coach understands you and your dreams, then guides you through defining the steps that take you there by means of clarity, encouragement, and accountability.

Name a successful athlete or artist who emerged from a cave and was an instant success.  There may be a few prodigies like that, but the majority are the product of years of working hard—under the guidance of a coach.

What got me here, won’t take me there”.  Often, I observe that the qualities of "self" mentioned at the beginning of this article, the ones that drove our careers to this point in time, can work against us as we become more competent and “successful”.  At some point, we exhaust our limited knowledge, perspective, motivation, and energy.  We get stuck.

What got me here, won’t take me there.

I first realized this when I hired a personal trainer.  I’ve been a gym rat for most of my life, stayed in decent shape and kept a regimen of working out.  Then, I engaged a personal trainer.  His first comment was “You know how to lift heavy things—you just can’t handle your own body!”  His program revolved around balance, core strength and whole-body training—things I knew from studying fitness over the years, but never understood specifically as it pertained to me. 

The lesson was that, as competent as I was, there was a lot I didn’t know about myself.  He helped me to push past my self-imposed limits. 

That breakthrough led me to hire… an executive coach.  She has helped me get past “stuck” in several key areas that were affecting my growth.  She has moved me into areas of development that I never realized were available, mostly by asking the right questions. 

Being a lifelong learner is a characteristic, almost requirement, of any great leader.  It’s one of my Strengthsfinder Strengths™ and a common quality I find among Convene members and Chairs. 

So, ask yourself—“How can I benefit by engaging an Executive Coach?"



Before becoming a Convene Chair, Joe gained thirty years of business experience in the construction and real estate development industries. After gaining much knowledge he started his own construction company, growing the business from a specialized subcontracting business into multiple entities.

To learn more about his coaching practice and connect with Joe, view his profile or email him: jlarussa@convenenow.com