convene leadership summit 2015

Just One View from the Convene Leadership Summit 2015

  I’ve spent a few days in Southern California with a bunch of really smart people...a few hundred Christian CEO’s from places near and far. It was a wonderful combination of deep spirituality, world class humor, inspiring business performance, and unique perspectives.

Here’s gems I pulled away from just 5 of the sessions - so hard to choose just 5...

  1. “(On earth)...there are only two things that are eternal: God’s Word and man’s soul”. He showed his passion for both by letting us know that the Bible museum is the real deal, scheduled to open in late 2017. - Steve Green - President, Hobby Lobby
  2. One way to share the Gospel in a corporate setting “Speak in scripture, but don’ t quote chapter and verse”. Also challenged us to Dare To Serve - Cheryl Bachelder - CEO, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
  3. Remain mission true by 1) Believing the Gospel matters, 2) Believing that drift happens, 3) Differentiating the mission from the means, and 4) Hiring for heart and head - Peter Greer, President and CEO of Hope International
  4. "You can’t be anywhere but where you are right now” - Chris McCluskey, President, Professional Christian Coaching Institute
  5. “We should have calloused hands and a soft heart...not the other way around” - Johnnie Moore, Chief of Staff / VP, LightWorkers Media

And one for fun…from the stage to a guy in the audience that had said he was a hunter...

“You’re a dove hunter? Really? Good thing you weren’t around during Jesus’ time...when the Spirit came like a dove…” Comedian Nazareth