How to Keep It Real – Really!

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
— James 5:16


It’s nothing new that breakdown (sin) is a part of the Christian journey.

Some breakdowns are circumstantial, some perpetual while others are so subtle they manifest in the tones of our thought. Regardless of frequency or power, they keep us from thriving, growing, loving, caring and a thousand other amazing blessings God has for us.

There is hope.

At the core of every character breakdown or life challenge, there is an opportunity to shine light on it that will rip the darkness right out of it. However, our fear of getting vulnerable, or what I call “rawthentic”, and sharing those strongholds with God and others can be a terrifying experience if we’re not accustomed to it.

In doing so our eyes become open to what is possible and we see clearly that we can trust God first, then others with the depths of our truth. It’s imperative for Christians to realize that “core honesty” must be practiced (and I do mean practiced) in all life issues for proactive catharsis, healing and character development to occur.

Without transparency there is only concealment, pretense and continued despair. With openness, you make room for God to begin His great work of transformation. Of course, it requires a bit of discomfort to share deep truths with others, and we must be wise with whom we share. However, the pain of allowing strongholds to govern the important aspects of our life is nothing compared to the long-term bondages that keep us from experiencing the fullness of God and the fruits of His spirit.

The question is: Have you considered the value of sharing your strongholds with a trusted few to see what God can do in the confines of authenticity?


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