Infinitely Beyond Award: Bill Harrigan


Infinitely Beyond Award recipient, Bill Harrigan is relentless at working things out, and has a strong passion for helping others discover their intrinsic motivation and then realize it. He forges relationships by placing himself at peoples’ feet and asking “tell me about what you do.” Humble, truthful and courageous. 

Bill came to Christ later in life, and he knows that following Christ has made a transformative difference, and it influences how he approaches others and conducts business. Bill’s childhood and youth was full of rejection and being overlooked, so Bill sees and talks to everyone equally, most especially when it comes to those dealing with the same issues he faced.

Desiring to truly help others realize their full potential, Bill sold the most lucrative part of his business in order to fund his passion – helping others flourish. Through giving others meaningful employment, often for the first time in their life, he has helped to launch small businesses, keep people out of prison, and purchase their first home. Recently Bill helped an employee and his father, both have prison records, start a new barbershop.

As a Convene member, Bill contributes mightily. He often sends everyone resources related to the conversation from their meetings, goes out of his way to grab coffee with his fellow team members, and cares deeply about their development and well-being.

Bill works tirelessly to overcome the significant challenges he faces from his attention deficit disorder. Bill’s visions begin with a big picture, often one that is difficult for others to see, including risks that those who love him can’t always understand. His ability to be tenaciously focused on a dream rather than to chase every possibility, has kept him in business.

Through Bill’s visions, he allows the seeds of greatness that God planted to take root, and take him places he never thought possible, going infinitely beyond.