Infinitely Beyond Award: Anthony Barton

According to his peers, Infinitely Beyond Award recipient, Anthony Barton incorporates his passion for Jesus Christ more fully into his business and life than anyone else they know. Everything is done with thoughts of “How does this advance the Kingdom? How does this elevate Jesus?” 

Anthony is intentional about sharing his commitment to Christ through the vehicle of his business and motivates his clients to share their resources for charitable causes as well. Anthony nurtures their giving by reducing his service fees and encouraging his clients to be socially responsible by donating the savings to one of the charities he supports. Anthony’s commitment doesn’t stop with his financial giving.

His creativity, joy, enthusiasm, passion, and optimism are boundless, and he makes himself available to everyone around him, whether they are Convene members, his employees, family, friends or business associates, even those he meets for the first time. Virtually everyone leaves an encounter with Anthony feeling stronger, encouraged, and with a positive outlook on what may have first seemed to be an impossible situation.


Anthony has organized numerous trips to Africa, to work with the orphans, meet with local leaders to challenge and encourage them, and to investigate ways in which he could be more involved, not just personally, but through his industry contacts and expertise. On several trips, he brought highly skilled American chefs, who instructed Africans in food safety and preparation and cooked for the groups with whom they met. Anthony is currently working on establishing a restaurant in Africa that would allow him to train local youth, generate income for the local mission, and provide a focus for Christians to share their faith in the community.

Locally, Anthony is deeply involved with the Nehemiah Project, helping them to train former foster youths, and assisting them to find employment. Using his industry contacts, Anthony was able to organize a meeting between business people and these young men and women, which resulted in several jobs being offered. Additionally, ideas were formulated for training and ongoing sustainable projects. Anthony was also able to use his contacts to persuade the television show “Extra” to produce a segment on the Nehemiah Project and the vital work they do.

God does have a big vision for our lives, and He wants us to use what He has given us to bless others, and his power helps us go Infinitely Beyond what we can imagine or even do on our own. Anthony, had the courage to step out in faith, trusting that God provides all that we need, and he shares His grace and mercy through the vehicle of The A Specialist.