Benefits of Business Consulting

With a title like the above, you might be expecting me to give you a list of 6 or 8 benefits of business consulting.  Rather than a laundry list of benefits, let me explain the process that will allow you to maximize the use of business consulting.  In today’s complex world the consultant is often not the expert.  Who can be an expert on so many areas and subject matters?  The consultant is proficient in a process that will identify the issues and resources needed.  The benefit of consulting, then, lies in this process instead of specific expertise.

The process consulting approach starts with a thorough survey.  The survey should include an interview with all the people connected to the issue, including expressed and non-expressed needs.  At this point, the consultant may connect with their organization to do a needs analysis.; this is why many very capable consultants belong to a larger organization that has a variety of resources and expertise.  Once the needs have been identified by the consultant they will be presented to the client.  The client and consultant must come to an agreement at this point on the needs.  Next, the consultant will prepare and present the proposal.  This proposal will document the needs, the problem, the solution, and finally the resources necessary to address the issue at hand. 

Now that you have a brief overview of this thing called process consulting, you may still be asking ‘where are the benefits?’  With this approach, the client is generally not charged until the scope of work, aka the solution, is identified.  A proper proposal will show the resources, cost, and payback.  It is very important that the entire proposal has more in benefit to the client than the cost and/or time.

In some of the traditional consulting engagements, the client is charged by the hours or days, regardless of the benefits.  If the desired results are not clearly identified and agreed to by all parties the R.O.I. is a black hole!

Many other articles have been written detailing the benefits of consulting; this is well established, but what has been less clear is the process of utilizing these benefits.  The results based approach of process consulting, then, is the best and most cost-effective way to engage business consulting.

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