Move at the pace of God’s presence, not your own agenda  

Proverbs 16:9. In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.


Have you ever considered that the pace of your mind might be moving so quickly that you are blazing past all that is rich, relevant and candidly in need of your total presence. And perhaps like a film in fast-forward, those around you are not getting the fullness of your love, gifting or attention, but fragmented frames of your presence flickering so quickly that there’s no room for intimacy, impact, or fulfillment… let alone memories. This is the pace of many. Most times the pace is too fast, other times too slow, and for fleeting moments, it moves at just the right speed… the speed of peace. I’m always amazed at the presence I feel when I read of Jesus’ encounter with others. Although there was great attention on Him at all times, he moved at a pace that despite the intensity of his surroundings, was still attuned to what was going on around him. He noticed amidst the thousands, not just the blind man, but the depth of his heart as well - simply from the power of a still glance. His agenda was nothing more than to be present; to move at the pace of allowing an external circumstance to become internal calling where acknowledging, receiving and responding were as natural as breathing and as peaceful as resting. It escapes us at times that God is Omnipresent. Perhaps we should aspire to simply “move at the pace of His presence” rather than our contrived agendas, so our presence can be the gift it was meant to be.


The question is: What are you missing by moving at the pace of what you think and not the pace of what is?