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Business Leaders - What Legacy Are You Building?

This is a critical question that all of us must answer daily. Our natural thoughts run to "how is our leadership culture working in the business?" "Is my company consistently following and living our Core Values?" Are we having Kingdom Impact on our  associates, our vendors, our clients and the industry we serve? These are the challenges of business leadership and they are our responsibilities. BUT-they should be, at best, our second or third leadership priority.

Most of us are not only business owners/leaders but we are also leaders of our families. What family legacy are we building?

A good friend of Convene-Dr. Bruce McCracken, founder of House on The Rock Ministries says--"whether we know it or not-we are building a family legacy either strategically or accidentally. And we all come to our positions with a legacy that has been passed on to us."

The Clemons Family owns and operates several significant businesses, the most widely known is Hatfield Meats. This private company is currently under the operating leadership of the 7th generation and it has combined revenues exceeding one billion dollars. At a 2014 Convene Family Retreat, Dr. Phil Clemons, recently retired 5th generation Chairman of the company, described the process of building the integrated business/family legacy that moved the family from being owners of a successful family business to being a Christ Centered Business Family.

The  Lord has called us to be be business owners and leaders--while building our family foundation and legacy.  The instruction for this multigenerational assignment is well stated in Deuteronomy 6:1-13.  I encourage you and your spouse and family to read that thoughtfully and prayerfully considering your activity in building a strong family legacy.

What family legacy building activity is on your 2015 list of strategic goals??