soul care

Soul Care, Coaching Capacity, Continual Growth

Go to Scripture is Psalm 143:8 – 12. In fact this is a daily source of surrender, assurance, calibration, strength and alignment with the Creator, Savior and Holy Spirit… And a go to Scripture any time in my life that I find myself weary, tapped, in a funk, etc…Have found this to be an incredible source of strength, assurance and PEACE! (Mentor had recommended this to me a decade ago as X-factor impact of prayer of Jabez). Interestingly have encountered many members who also suffer from this paradigm… And have pointed them this direction (among others). Soul Care… Daily quiet time with the creator and sustainer of the universe is HUGE! Have increasingly tried to be more attentive and seeking of the Holy Spirit throughout the day. Couple great resources have read recently include The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris (Holy Spirit as Helper and Friend - perspectives I'd really never had) and Ortberg's newest book called Soul Keeping (great wisdom from John and his mentor Dallas Willard). I also set aside a half day of Solitude each month to get "off grid". Can't tell you how difficult this sometimes is (the evil one doesn't like this behavior)-have found I really have to block out time and lock it up with great intentionality as the temptation to "bump it" for something “more important” (really?) is very high.

Sort of all speaks to keeping priorities, priorities… Balance time with wife/family… Attentiveness to health (our 3 dogs take me for a run 3-4 times weekly)… Willard's quotes from Soul Keeping has been convicting… “What matters is not the accomplishments you achieve; what matters is the person you become”  and to “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life". (This book was given to me by a member after Summit and it greatly helped me navigate a late spring/summer funk).