Just Do It

The phrase, "Just do it," strikes a chord with me. What I find with other members as well as myself is that if I expect something to happen, it needs to happen IN MY RHYTHM or in the member’s rhythm. I have developed a monthly rhythm of sending in reports to Convene, including my monthly chair report and updated goals.  It is not easy to get all of these done, but it will happen because it’s in my routine. And each thing that becomes part of my rhythm knocks out something else. The key is finding the right combination of meaningful activities and efforts. So if I don’t blog, it won’t be because it is a big task or I need to “just do it.” It will be because I have or have not developed the technique and rhythm for doing it.  I haven't yet placed value in doing it. I didn’t think I’d like Facebook, but it became a rhythm that is kind of automatic now.  When I first enrolled, it was a month before I visited the site again.  The difference was my son looking over my shoulder and saying, “Pops, see that number in red up there?  You need to click on that and answer those notifications and messages…that’s your prompt.”  Duh.  So the FB prompt now appears on my favorites bar and I see I have four messages. Enough to make the difference for me to hop on and see what's happening.

How many members have a Dashboard, operating plan, updated annual strategies, 90-day action plan, and more?   Most of my members have these because I make it part of the rhythm of being in the group.  I say, “It’s Dashboard Month,” and they all show up with a copy for the group. Most of the plans, dashboards, and strategies are completed in the rhythm of the Forum or One-to-One meeting. I don’t expect them to do it on their own…it's not yet part of their rhythm.

Blogging has not yet become a rhythm for me. How can I/we become accustomed to a rhythm of blogging?  I believe that if it could become rhythm/routine for us, Convene would have plenty of entries for our blog….we would “just do it.”