What Just Happened?

Thanks for noticing.  Yes, we changed a few things. Not under new management or anything (God’s still the boss), we just thought it was time for a serious makeover of our site and a few other things.  Have you seen the new video (

Here’s where we’re going in the months ahead:

1)  Content - we’ve had top content featured in our Convene Teams for as long as we’ve been helping Christian business leaders combine business performance with an eternal perspective.  You’ll be seeing more of that featured here with white papers, short videos, and guest columns.

2)  Community - we have a vibrant community of CEO’s, business owners, partners - solid Christian leaders from across the country.  There are great tales of God working through these men and women and those they serve - and lessons for all of us.  Look for stories from them in our blog and new monthly newsletter.

3)  Communication - we’ll be able to share with you other things we know are happening to help you lead those you serve - events, enrichment opportunities, and other organizations we’d suggest you consider as you continue on your journey

And we want the communication to flow in all directions…we’d love to know what you think and how we might serve you where you are in a better way.

Looking forward to where God is taking us all.