Stop Running Alone

Why would a king need other people? In Ecclesiastes 4:12, a powerful king named Solomon wrote that two are better than one, and a cord of three strands cannot be broken. The Greek word Ecclesiastes indicates that the writer wanted to “call an assembly”. He had some important things to say.

It might be said that Solomon shouldn’t have needed anyone. Why bother, he was the king! He was greater in riches and wisdom than all kings on Earth! He reigned for 40 years during one of the most prosperous periods in Israel's history. He was a leader, author, song writer and temple builder. In his old age, he was reflecting on life and wrote these words,

By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.
— Ecc 4:12 The Message Translation

There it is. The most powerful king on Earth in his older years, looking back, said he needed others to be with him on the journey.

Fast Company notes, “Peer-to-peer forums are fast becoming a critical component for busy leaders who need to connect with their peers more regularly and more deeply in order to help improve performance.”

Who invented the peer group? 2,000 years ago, it could easily be said that Jesus did. He spent a few years of his life with a group of 12. He walked, talked, cried and laughed with these people he chose to do life with.

Peer groups aren’t just a time to peer into God’s word for wisdom; after all if you don’t have profit, you’ll eventually have no company to honor God. Peer groups are a place where you also work on people issues, excellence and profitability.

Fast Company interviewed peer group members and one of them noted, “My participation in the network helps me to significantly improve several decisions and programs a year. I conservatively estimate the network saves my company $100,000 annually.”

Elyas Balta, CEO of Euronline Steel Windows says, “I used to see people as an expense. Now, I’ve learned that they are a fantastic investment. I’ve gone from 20 to 80 employees; my work days are 6 to 8 hours and I have plenty of time to spend with my family. I now balance health, family, spirituality and giving for holistic success. I live in a different world now to inspire others to grow and succeed.”

In this fast-paced world of people who are connected via social media, but aren’t connected in real life, what if there was a place you could be known, where you could be real, where you could learn, grow, ask questions and do life together? That place is a peer-to-peer leadership group.

Convene has many of these groups from coast to coast and one of them is custom made for you. If your life is short on friends, solid purpose or vibrant community, stop running alone!

If you are interested in ongoing business and leadership skill-development, 
consider joining a Convene Peer Advisory Group.  


About the Author  

Greg Leith is the CEO of Convene. He was born in Canada and lived in all four corners of North America. His career spans over 35 years of senior leadership roles in corporate, non-profit and academic sectors. Recently, he served as Director of Strategic Alliances for 13 years at Biola University in California.