Member Experience: Team Retreat


The Convene team out of Newport Beach, California won a “Team Retreat” at this year’s Leadership Summit to a location of their choosing. They were all so inspired by conference keynote speakers Mark and Matt Canlis that they decided to fly up to Seattle to dine at the Canlis Restaurant.

The team agreed that the main purpose of their time together on this retreat to Seattle was to form deeper and wider relationships with each other in the spirit of community. This team of 15 Christian CEOs were thrilled to receive a tour of the Canlis kitchen and extensive wine cellar, led by Mark Canlis himself.

Mark treated the group to the vast history of Canlis, their unique values, and how they had risen to national prominence as one of the top restaurants in the world. The team then sat down for a meal overlooking the local lakes and mountains. To quote Chair Paul Aubin, “WOW, an over the top experience!”.

Prior to the special dining experience, they were treated to a 3-hour “Leadership through Coaching” session led by none other than Cheryl Scanlan. Earlier in the day they visited the very first Starbucks down at Pike Place, witnessed the flying fish routine, and jumped on a ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Paul has confidently said that his team successfully achieved with flying colors the purpose of their trip.

“It warmed my heart to see all of these busy CEOs remove themselves from work and lean into investing in each other with quality meaningful discussions below the waterline”
– Paul Aubin

Convene Forum Teams frequently create space for retreats, and it has become a trademark of the Convene experience for many of our members. Interested in learning more about how to join a Convene team? Find more information here.