Infinitely Beyond Award: Dennis Jenkins


Infinitely Beyond Award recipient, Dennis Jenkins of ABC Home & Commercial Services is unapologetic about his faith and how it guides his life and business. Indeed, anyone who knows him sees the alignment between his words and his deeds. He has built a Christ-centered environment within his company with a strong focus on employee care and giving. He understands he is a steward of God’s greatest resource – people. He works diligently to set them up for success, shares profits and focuses on engagement. He listens well, offering sound advice when requested and delivering difficult feedback as needed, always speaking the truth. He wears a smile continuously that is infectious and always has a comforting hug for those in need.

Dennis is intentional about sharing his commitment to Christ through the vehicle of his business and has established a non-profit that provides for the community and created a culture of service within his business. Not only does Dennis serve those who work for him, but he makes it a point to serve those who buy from him. He also spends time with those in other businesses sharing his learning. Always putting the needs of others first, and never afraid to give God the glory.

Dennis has a knack for “being in your business” in the most loving way. He lives to serve in whatever capacity he can. Whether it’s providing needed encouragement, being the biggest cheerleader, or making time to be present and literally lend a helping hand, it all comes from the heart and is centered by his faith.


This past year Dennis worked a job on top of his job as he served as the national president for his industry. Just one more platform from which he could serve others and spread God’s message.

And Dennis’s love for people continues to his Convene members. No matter the circumstances, Dennis’s fellow Convene members can count on him to truly listen, cry, hug, love and be in the moment. To quote one member, “I haven’t met a man quite like Dennis who is able to show his true colors in his walk with God. He wears many hats in his life, but he is always holding onto God’s hand as he walks beside Him in everything he does.”

God has a big vision for our lives, and He wants us to use what He has given us to bless others, and His power helps us go Infinitely Beyond what we can imagine or even do on our own. Dennis, thank you for living your faith out loud, trusting that God does provide all that we need, and sharing His grace and mercy through the vehicle of ABC Services.

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