5 Keys to Develop an Amazing Team

Many business leaders say they have a management (leadership) team.  Is it a high performing team?  Is it a team in name only?  Or, is it really an amazing team?  What is an amazing team?

I have worked with leaders and teams for the past 35 years.  From this experience, observation, and interviews, I believe there are 5 keys to developing and having an amazing team.  Before taking the first step to developing an amazing team, you must be a committed leader who not only wants an amazing team but is willing to be vulnerable, communicative and accountable. And, it is assumed that you have recruited, selected, hired and nurtured the right people who are a fit and match for the company’s culture.


Here are the 5 keys to developing your team


  1. A Driving Purpose

    • When I interview leaders I ask them, “what is your driving purpose?”  I want to know their passion.  I want to know why they believe they exist.  I want to know if they are clear about their core beliefs and values.  If the leader does not have clarity, the team will never reach consensus about their driving purpose.  And it is the responsibility of the leader to help the team define the team’s driving purpose.  You will never have a cohesive team without clarity about purpose, not only individually, but also as a group.

  2. Core Values

    • Over the past 35 years, I have worked with many companies helping them to hire the right fit and match for their teams.  In fact, I have completed over 300 retained searches.  The first question I ask a potential client is, “may I have a copy of your company core values?”  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I was told that they did not have any identified.  In those cases, I declined the engagement.  Core values lie at the very heart and identity of the team.  They govern everything that the team says and does.  If you are sincere about developing an amazing team, then you will take the time and effort to define your core values.

  3. Mission and Vision

    • If you want to develop an amazing team you will have your mission and vision statements in writing and shared with all.  And if you genuinely want to attract candidates who share your values, you will share this with the public.  Mission and Vision Statements are not novels. Keep them brief.  The statements must be meaningful and reflect your core values and driving purpose. They need to be a collaborative effort with the team members.

  4. Operating Principles

    • This is all about your behaviors.  Effective operating principles provide structure without bureaucracy.   Well-crafted operating principles spell out how the team will communicate, solve problems, make decisions, resolve conflict, relate to each other, conduct meetings, set standards of performance, and how they plan, to name a few. Without these, you will never have an amazing team.

  5. Clear Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations

    • There are traditional titles in companies which designate the following roles:  sales, marketing, finance, human resources, IT, customer service, and operations.  Want an amazing team?  Work with your people and spell out what each role really involves!  Take the necessary time to delineate the responsibilities and expectations for each role.  From this, you can work with each individual to develop clear performance metrics!  And, you can do the same thing for the team as a whole.


There are numerous Biblical descriptions of teamwork.  It is written in Proverbs 27:17 (ESV); “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”  You may also want to read in Ephesians 4:12-16; Mark 3: 13-14; 1 Peter 4: 8-10, to name but a few Biblical references.

If you want to learn more about how to develop your leadership team, or how to hire and recruit the right people,  consider joining a Convene Peer Advisory Group.  

You may also be interested in downloading this Convene White Paper on Developing People with a Kingdom Purpose. 


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In addition to being a Convene Chair in Orlando, Florida, Bob is well-known nationally as a Senior Human Resources Professional, speaker, coach, trainer, and leader. As a mentor and coach, Bob helps business leaders clarify their purpose and fulfill their God-given potential. 

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