4th Quarter – What’s Is The Score?

You rush from the family event on Sunday afternoon in hopes of catching the 4th quarter. A quick glimpse of the score tells you everything:

  • Up by 30: Instant satisfaction
  • Tied: Get ready for the battle
  • Down by 30: Take a knee

October is here (4th Quarter)! What is the scoreboard saying about your 2016 Strategic Plan?

  • Up by 30:
    • Get while the getting is good – run up the score!
    • Let everybody play and enjoy the process
    • Start planning the end of the year bonuses
  • Tied
    • Clarify and reinforce the goal(s) one more time
    • Focus – Focus – Focus: Every play counts
    • Hold it loosely and adjust as needed
  • Down By 30
    • Call timeout
    • Regroup with a new realistic end of the year target
    • Go make a first down and regain some positive momentum

What gets measured gets done. If you don’t have a simple method of keeping score for your critical initiatives, you might want to consider setting one up as a 4th quarter priority.