Perspective Trumps Details

In the middle of the press of details, it is hard for the CEO to hold perspective, let alone step back and gain it. In the middle of stepping back to gain perspective, it is hard to attend to demanding details.

Pinging back and forth between them--trying to keep details and perspective going in simultaneous momentum--complicates it further.

Perspective is foundational. It is unwise to delay or sacrifice its establishment or maintenance. Building and maintaining perspective is work that cannot be delegated. Shared work? Yes! Assisted by others? Definitely! Delegated? A resounding no.

Details are delegated. And let's notice this important point. Details become more efficiently handled or delegated, prioritized, sorted, even discarded as unnecessary, when perspective is well-established.

So, the best way to be detailed when details demand attention, is to set and maintain perspective, even when it does not seem to be demanding attention. Call it preventative maintenance.