How to See Productivity from a Biblical Perspective

Productivity sometimes seems like a bad thing, or at least a purposeless one. We work and produce more, more more, but to what end? Is there a purpose to all our productivity? From a biblical perspective, there is.

So how can Christians see productivity from a biblical perspective? First, by recognizing that productivity isn’t morally neutral – in fact, it’s just the opposite. Second, by seeing the bigger picture of productivity within God’s plan for creation.

See Productivity as a Moral Good

In his Doing Business and Pleasing God seminar, theologian Wayne Grudem states the following:

Increasing the production of goods and services is not morally evil – and it’s not morally neutral – rather, it’s fundamentally good and pleasing to God. It’s part of his purpose in putting human beings on the Earth. When we create something, productivity creates value in the world that didn’t exist before. Therefore, productivity imitates God in his creativity…God’s wisdom led him to create us with a need and a desire for material things.

Grudem is right. We were made by God to produce quality goods and services as a product of our work. When we are productive in obedience to the calling that God has given us, our work becomes... CONTINUE READING ON TIFWE.ORG