A Cure for Emailoholism

I’m addicted to constantly checking my email.  I want to stop, but I can’t.  I think it’s mostly driven by fear.  I’m afraid of missing something important.  I’m afraid of missing out on an opportunity.  I justify my condition by telling myself that I am known for being responsive and available.  Responsiveness is one of my differentiators.  Being available and responsive goes a long way in today’s business world.  My clients and colleagues know that I’m always available and they appreciate it.  However, I take it way too far. Constantly checking email is killing my productivity, increasing my stress level, and preventing me from ever having true downtime.  I can’t live in the moment because I’m constantly thinking about what I’m potentially missing.  A major side effect is that I can’t focus on one activity for more than a few minutes without being distracted.