Championing Strengths in Your Organization

What can you expect from championing strengths in your organization? I could list a bunch of features, benefits and statistics, but instead, how about I share a story?

In 2014, the Triad Group, an injection molding and machine company, faced runaway turnover caused by a series of leadership changes, lack of strategic direction, and poor communication with the production teams.

That’s when company owners Russ and Nancy took on the role of Strengths Champions and began a sustained effort to turn the company around by creating a strengths-based organization and thus reengaging managers and employees.

Russ and Nancy used about every tool in the book.

They gave each employee the StrengthsFinder assessment, issued jerseys with the employee’s top strengths stitched in bold letters on the back, developed a six-week training and coaching program for all employees, handed out strengths calendars to help their people focus on their strengths every day, created a bucket wall to remind everyone the power of strengths in promoting positive interactions, and even posted team strengths grids on the shop walls to show off the diverse talents of each team.

Russ and Nancy did other things, but what’s most important are the results they achieved.

  • Monthly turnover fell from 85 percent to 8 percent.
  • Scrap rate dropped from 35 percent to 1 percent.
  • Productivity jumped by 200 percent.

And finally, profitability increased by 233 percent.

There’s no question that throughout this process Russ and Nancy transformed from average managers to two of the world’s greatest managers.

The key to improving all of your metrics is to do what the world’s greatest managers do.

And that is to know your individual strengths (and those of the managers and employees around you) and to actively encourage everyone in your organization to use those strengths at work each and every day.

How do you become a Strengths Champion?

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