When Your Plan Goes Wrong

It is going to be a very busy day but I have a plan to make it all happen. Just as I make the last turn of my half-mile hike down the boardwalk to my office I reach into my now empty pocket for my keys. I was very aware of the “small” hole in my pocket when I dropped the keys in not paying heed to yesterday’s passing thought, “it would be a bummer to lose these keys.” A quick damage report; office building entrance, office door, mailbox, house, garage, gym pass card, and finally the cabinet key that is guarding my checks (my plan included paying the bills). Ever so hopeful I trace my steps back to the house hoping to see them lying in wait in the sidewalk or that I only imagined putting the keys in my pocket. I mean how could those keys slide through such a small hole, down my leg and land on the pavement without me knowing? With no keys in hand and in total disbelief I head back out to retrace my steps one more time this time stopping at the life guard station, the coffee shop, and a chat with the maintenance guy. Bottom line, today’s plan is not going well!

In the bigger spectrum of life, this is relatively minor hiccup but a great reminder of how often you do not own your schedule. What you think is a critical suddenly drops to the B list. After Caryn calls me out about the tantrum I am throwing, I realize I will survive and with a little regroup I can get back to on a new plan. Heck, according to my phone I already logged in 6,698 steps!

We live in a highly dynamic world. The bigger your goals the more likely these unforeseen challenges will come your way. For me, there were two reminders:

  • Honor that little voice. I actually got more warnings then I shared to pay attention and fix the issue before it became a problem
  • It took me to way to long to accept reality. Once I stepped back and put everything in its appropriate place it was a simple task to create a work around. I spent too much negative energy spinning around and complaining.

The really good news, at noon the gym called to say a women had dropped my keys off.

If you have a moment, share your tricks for dealing with life’s unexpected crisis.