Strengths Based Questions

Recent research has discovered that influencing change ismore likely with “asking questions” rather than “declaring” solutions.

Asking the right questions is even more important. For instance, asking questions based on your StrengthsFinder talent themes causes exponential growth toward your goals.

Why then are questions more powerful than answers?

  1. Could it be that questions engage our curiosity? Immediately your brain begins searching for the possibilities. While you may look in the rear view mirror to evaluate past behaviors and missteps, it’s often more helpful to look through the windshield toward our future.
  2. Could it be that questions make it easier to face our reality?Questions quickly cause us to measure our current behavior in the light of our past, present, and possible selves in a less intimidating way.
  3. Could it be that strengths based questions tap our intrinsic motivation?Humans are hard wired with innate talents. Each of our talents has its own edge, needs, and values.The edge of Strategic is that they explore possibilities and find the best route to move forward. The need of Strategic is to have freedom to make mid-course corrections. Strategic loves seeing a way when others assume there is no way. Strategic hates doing things the same we have always done them before.

Recently, I coached a CEO who lost touch with his executive team. Strategic was one of his dominant signature strengths, so I asked him, “How can you be more Strategic in connecting with your team?”

His solution was to create a monthly rotating schedule for his team. Then he and I created a strengths based questionnaire that could streamline those conversations. To make it fun, he built an onsite room with racing car pictures, pool table, comfy coaches, and high end adult beverages.

Question: How could you start asking more strengths based questions? Please share your comments to this post below.

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