Are You a Decathlete?

Decathletes are often described as the “world’s greatest athletes” but why? They are certainly not the best in the world at anyone of the 10 events. Consider the 100-meter dash, the world record holder is Usain Bolt of Jamaica, in the High Jump one of the best in the world is Javier Sotomayer of Cuba, the 1500 meter is represented by Hicham El Guerroujt from Morocco. So why are decathletes considered the best athletes in the world? I believe it’s because they don’t just settle for one event, they choose to be the best at 10 different events. The 10 events over two day include the pole vault, high jump, long jump, javelin, shot put, discus, 110-meter hurdles, 100-meter dash, 400-meter run and -wait for it a 1500 meter run! Their ultimate goal is 1000 points in each event for a perfect score of 10,000 points.

Are you a decathlete or do you consider yourself a one or two event person? Have you settled for being good in one or two areas? Can you achieve greatness by only participating in just two? My challenge to you is to consider becoming a true decathlete!

Let’s consider our own lives and what are our 10 most important events or life commitments might be. Here’s my list, but it doesn’t have to be yours: I will list them not in order of importance, distance or endurance for a decathlon. Remember each event is worth 1,000 points.

100-Metre Dash-My God and my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. This is first and foremost, without it I wouldn’t be able to perform in anything else. This requires daily training, time in the Word and Prayer.

Long Jump-My Family. It offers me a connection to the most important people in my world. By staying involved I am able to love, guide and encourage my beloved.

Shot Put-My Business. This is an important event for me because it allows me to provide for my family and share God’s blessings with others.

High Jump-Health & Fitness. This one is a no brainer, every athlete must stay in shape. I focus on a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

400-Metres Run-My Church. Staying connected with other believers, being challenged in my walk and learning God’s word. Supporting other Believers as well.

110 Meter Hurdles-My Relationships. My friends are an important part of my social fiber. They offer companionship and hold me accountable to my other events.

Discus Throw-My Missions-Getting involved with other likeminded Christians to offer hope and assistance to others around the world. Christ’s love in action!

Pole Vault-Charity. Caring about those less fortunate, be it the homeless, widow or orphans. Truly reaching out and making a difference in their lives. Not only giving our financial resources but my time as well. Javelin Throw-My Community. Getting involved in the local community, taking action in civic functions that reflect my values. Being salt and light, a leader!

1500 Meters-My Finances. Being a good steward of God’s provisions also me to give more to many of my other events and still have a stable future for my family.

I know your 10 life commitments are going to be different from mine but take some time to decide on what your 10 most important events are. Set your goals to maximize your efforts in every area while still maintaining a balance. Don’t neglect any area. Commit to being a true Decathlete!