Thinking about a legacy and the hand-off of something significant from one generation to another I am struck by the vast spans of time behind me and in front of me. Like a fish in water we live in time but rarely come to terms with its essence. Unavoidable – one part of time which comes to mind. Events come; things change, and hopes are out in the future. Sometimes significant joy or bitter disappointment lies in the past. The future just keeps coming. The march forward brings the “future” into now and then it passes. Within a breath now turns into the “past”.

The past can carry the banner of being “historical”. A term often reserved for something rarely part of our work-a-day world. But should it be that way? We often get the signal for what was significant from the media. It takes the distilled version of events and circumstances from our city, state, country, or often the global stage and gives it the credence of “news” which is often the fore-runner to something being “historic”.

What truly is the measure of significance? Let me suggest a different perspective. Yesterday you and I made history. Not the typical history of a news ticker or headlines. Something very different – so different from what we are use to we can miss it.

Yesterday you talked to others; probably people important to you, made decisions, and used your minds and resources to move forward what you consider worthy. For many it was probably a day like many other days. The seeming ordinary of yesterday, or a pile of yesterdays can hide a grand mystery of the significance of who we really are.

Scripture is a guide in revealing our true status. David describes in Psalms 139:13 the God of the universe mindfully attended to his uniqueness, where David exclaims that God “formed my inward parts”. Our origins are the intentions of an infinitely powerful and loving God. A love going as far as an offer of restoration between God and us - a repair to our soul corruption and rebellion through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. It is the ruler of the universe attentiveness to each of us, moment by moment, that turns our days into deep and lasting significance.

Today you likely have tasks to get done, appointments on the calendars, decisions to make, and potentially deep joy or painful loss from the unexpected. The never-ending demands and responsibilities can distort what is really going. Regardless of what does or does not get done today you are making history. A history unique and as special as you truly are; a specialness derived from the love and intentions of a heavenly Father. It’s as unavoidable as it is glorious; history is always in-progress.