Do What You Hate, But Do It Easier

One of my executive coaching clients hates public speaking. He even gets antsy presenting informal information to the senior management team. We all dislike certain parts of the job. One way to reduce our hesitation is to rely more on our StrengthsFinder talent themes.

I suggested my client try a simple 3-step process I refer to as Name It! Claim It! Aim It!

1. Name It!: Write out your top 5 strengths. In this case his strengths were:

  • Deliberative, Belief, Responsibility, Discipline, Relator.

2. Claim It!:Write down the value and power that each strength contributes. For example:

  • My Deliberative strength can decrease my stress and see potential problems before I speak.
  • My Belief can help identify the speaking topics I’m most passionate about.
  • My Responsibility can help me prepare and follow through with dedication.
  • My Discipline can help me structure and organize my talk for success.
  • My Relator can help me connect with my audience heart to heart.

3. Aim It!: Consciously apply your strengths to specific action steps.

  • For Deliberative – I will write out the potential problems and a solution for each before I speak.
  • For Belief – I will let my colleagues know what topics I’m willing or not willing to speak on.
  • For Responsibility – I will prepare, practice, and get feedback on the talk from Toastmasters.
  • For Discipline – I will write a draft of my talk and time how long the talk takes to present.
  • For Relator – I will use personal stories in my talk.

What challenge do you face? Any chance you could minimize these challenges by using this 3-step process: Name it, claim it, aim it.

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