Let Us Not Become Weary of Doing Good

Dr. Tony Evans-in his recent book—AMERICA-Turning a Nation to God states that “America is in serious trouble. From sea to shining sea we are witnessing the devolution of a nation.” Dr. Clayton Christensen—Harvard Business School in his YouTube video implies when you take religious beliefs out of our teaching you can’t hire enough police to preserve the freedoms that drive our free market economy.

We agree with these observations—BUT—we are encouraged by the fact that God has given us the opportunity and has called us to have an impact on this situation.  Convene members have the platform to impact the economy, the family, the church ,the community and all elements that can have a transformational impact in our nation.

As leaders we are responsible to “do the right things” (strategy) and as managers of managers we have the responsibility to “do things right.”(management).

A Convene team is a team of influential and significant leaders all sharing a common Biblical World View while remaining  committed to business and life conduct with an eye on the Eternal Value.  Convene members are holding each other accountable to assure that families, employees, and associates, are all part of the stewardship responsibility of the Convene Member and their business.

All Convene members want their businesses to reflect Christ and to be supportive of the Great Commission—not just so the owner can fund mission foreign mission work, but so the company has a brand reputation honoring Christ.  Conducting business God’s Way never leads to the wrong decision.  As we pray for God’s leading over life, family, and business decisions we can reflect on the fact that God answers prayer—sometimes his answer is YES and sometimes his answer is BETTER than YES.

We have one Convene member on our team, an extremely successful real estate investor, who always includes “Help someone” and “ Witness to some new person” on the To-Do List of the Actions and Insights  Worksheet. When I check on these items during our 1-2-1 time--He is always faithful and accountable on these items.  This consistent practice by this member has “infected” others on the team.   His impact is wide spread.  He is infectious!!  That must be what Paul meant when he wrote to the Galatians in Gal 6:9--Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Blessing to all your Convene team activity—Don’t be weary of doing good!