Leader Strategic Capacity: To-Do Lists

Peter Drucker referred to the above principle as Purposeful Abandonment. His prime point is that first, a limited and defined opportunity exists in the marketplace, and second, that each organization has boundaries in the products and services it can offer with excellence—and thus deserving of a profit. BUT, now let us apply that to our individual leader/manager lists. How many of you have a to-do list? Most of us, I surmise. More importantly, how many of you have a STOP-DOING LIST? Unless you have both lists, you may find yourself less effective than you want to be and/or you may find your life/work balance off kilter.

Scripture illustrates this pattern for us: we are encouraged to "think on those things that are good, wholesome..." (the to-do list)  even as we are admonished to "put off..." many behaviors (the stop-doing list). As Christ followers we are to grow into "Do These Things to Reflect HIM" and to also "Not Do These Things because They Detract from Reflecting HIM."

Start a STOP-DOING list today. It will free up your schedule AND it will help you focus on those responsibilities for which you are the accountable leader.