John Lynch at the 2013 CEO Summit

John Lynch brings a catalytic vision of how to live in the reality of God's grace to the 2013 CEO Summit. John teaches people how to experience the profound benefits of being loved by teaching them how to "trust God and others with themselves" (TrueFaced's definition of humility). This trusting path starts people on a powerfully freeing journey of authenticity, integrity, and generosity in their friendships, marriages, families, teams, leadership, and cultures. A great communicator and writer, John Lynch is a vital staff member of the TrueFaced team and co-writer of The Cure and TrueFaced the book. In addition to speaking nationally with the TrueFaced team since 1997, John has coauthored a number of books and resources, including the bestseller The Cure and the popular TrueFaced "Two Roads" audio-video message.

John served for 27 years as teaching pastor at Open Door Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona. He recently stepped out of that role to begin working full time at TrueFaced. The authenticity, longevity, and playfulness of these two flawed communities, Open Door and the TrueFaced group, brings real-world reality and potency to the TrueFaced message.

John Lynch is just one of the world-class speakers at the 2013 Convene CEO Summit. Click here for all the details.

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