Management, Theology and the Marketplace

The intersection of Management, Theology and the Marketplace is the place where you as a Christian leader/manager spend most of your vocational time. As such, you experience regularly the dynamics and relationships between them. Very few other people, including most spiritual counselors, really understand the intersection. Listen to what Peter Drucker, the renowned management leader said about that intersection: "I have learned more theology as a practicing management consultant than when I taught religion."

That is an amazing statement!

He goes on to elaborate.

"...because the object of management is a human community held together by the work bond for a common purpose, management always deals with the nature of Man (as all of us with any practical experience have learned), and with Good and Evil, as well."

That illustrates the unique challenges that Christian business leaders face and experience on a daily basis. Because it is a unique intersection, useful resources are difficult to find. Hence the positive advantages of groups of fellow Christian leaders who understand both the challenge of being a CEO/Leader and of committing to do so from a biblical viewpoint. God is a part of the equation, and a community of like-minded individuals can provide guidance and support.