Recognizing and Eliminating the Isolation Factor

One entrepreneur summed up the feeling of many, “The people who are safe (like my Bible study group) can’t help me grow my business. The people who can help me grow my business (and have mixed motives) aren’t safe.” Most entrepreneurs relate to the saying: “It’s lonely at the top.” We’re responsible for leading the company to short- and long-term success, and for making decisions that will affect people’s ability to provide for their families. We’re typically operating in uncharted waters and wondering how to avoid the next big threat or exploit the next opportunity. There aren’t many people who can relate to what we’re facing.

Isolation breeds fear, insecurity and distrust, which can result in poor decisions, negative thinking and low team morale. Being isolated in business can also result in negative emotions spilling over into our family lives, so they end up paying a high price too. Without a doubt, isolation can derail our lives, our leadership and our businesses.

Many entrepreneurs have discovered developed safe relationships with successful Christian peers, and regularly building into each other’s lives and businesses is an effective way to eliminate isolation. When the isolation in a leader’s life dissipates, they'll have more confidence and a broader base of resources, which results in wiser decisions, better relationships and greater progress toward goals.

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed” (Proverbs 15:22).