Facing Emerging Technologies with Dr. Mike Petty & Scott Schnurr

With new technologies constantly in development, the face of business is ever-changing. Understanding that is critical to your business’ future. Amazon’s executive team lives in the future, you need to live there too. If you only live in the present, your business is at risk! Horses gave way to gas-powered vehicles, then to electric cars, travel agents became Kayak, taxis became Uber, Sears became Amazon, CDs became Spotify, paper books became Kindle. What will your business become if you don’t dive into the future now?

Dr. Michael Petty is currently a member of the World Future Society and The Association of Professional Futurists. He is the co-founder and consulting-futurist at Flagship Futures Group, LLC in Washington, DC. Mike brings over forty-five years of leadership, financial and strategic management experience to the table.

Dr. Petty is joined by Scott Schnurr, CEO of DRF Trusted Property Solutions. Schnurr is actively engaging his organization in futures thinking, and is always working to embrace technologies to advance his organization. Specializing in same day water heater replacement, DRF Trusted Property Solutions offers a variety of plumbing services from professional installation through maintenance and repair of all plumbing fixtures.

Dr. Petty and Scott Schnurr join Convene CEO, Greg Leith, for a conversation surrounding the importance of facing and embracing emerging technologies. The verdict of the conversation: if you aren’t embracing emerging technologies, your competitors will.

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Dr. Michael Petty and Scott Schnurr will be hosting a Critical Conversation surrounding this subject at Leadership Collab 2019. For a further in depth conversation with practical applications and takeaways you can use with your business right away, make sure to register for the conference here: