Confronting Unwanted Sexual Behavior | The Spiritually Healthy Leader Pt. 3

Jay Stringer, a licensed mental health counselor, ordained minister, and author of "Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing", joins Greg Leith in Seattle for a conversation on a topic that few dare to touch. How does the power of a leader infused with their sexual brokenness impact their lives and the lives of those that they lead?

Whether it be in the form of affairs, buying sex, pornography, hook-ups or other unwanted sexual behavior, one thing remains true: with the power that comes alongside the C-suite, all of these behaviors become more accessible and more dangerous to your spiritual health.

The resulting question becomes, "What is the healthy path through sexual brokenness, and how exactly does understanding one's unwanted sexual behavior lead them to healing?"

Listen in as Convene CEO, Greg Leith discusses this crucial topic with Jay Stringer as we strive to become Spiritually Healthy Leaders.

Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing:

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