Referral Strategies | Jim Woodward

Convene Chair Jim Woodward uses a simple flip chart to keep track of referrals that stays at the front of his Forum Team meetings. Here are his words:

“I simply put up the flip chart during every meeting. People can add to it during the meeting breaks when I can also talk to people about who they might know. Then, we intentionally discuss the benefits of growing our group and the chart when the meeting is finishing up.”


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Referral Strategies | Mark L. Vincent

Below follows Wisconsin Convene Chair, Mark L. Vincent’s, strategy when it comes to collecting referrals:

  1. Brief end of year survey, including the question “who else needs this?” It expects name/email and relationship, room for comments.

  2. Whenever I am ready to engage a new round of recruitment, I pull out the matrix of who we have and what they represent. We have a brief team discussion of who it is I should be looking for, which then helps me prioritize and then populate the next round of contacts and resulting appointments.

  3. Team members help me with final interviews with prospective team members. This helps them gain confidence that I’m not just filling seats.

  4. I ask them if they know a person I’ve been recommended. If there is knowledge I draw those team members in to help me with the recruitment.

  5. I serve as a connector for my Team members also. Over and over. It makes it easier to ask for help when I need it.

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