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It looks like one of your peers invited you to check out Convene – great! You must be a business owner or executive that really matters to them.

With Convene, you get to enter into a tight knit circle of other CEOs and executives that inspire and advise each other toward industry-leading business performance with Kingdom impact.

This means that you don’t have to go it alone at the top of your company. You get to benefit from other business owners and executives’ wisdom, resources, encouragement and accountability. These all lead toward you achieving better results in all areas of your life and business.

You heard right. Your peer’s invitation to join Convene gets you a cool 50% off of your initial enrollment fees.

What comes along with your initial enrollment fees? Good question. Your executive coach (we call them a Chair), will take you through the C.O.R.E. program assessment. In this assessment, you will get a(n):

  • Organizational Development Road Map
  • DiSC Assessment
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Deeper examination of your top 3 business challenges

So, for $1,000 (or $500 if you plan to join a Genesis Team), you get to join a Convene Team and go through the C.O.R.E. program. All this is an $8,000+ offer that you get for 87.5% less (if we did our math right).

Get Your 50% Off

What do you get as a Convene member?

  • Forum Team

    Meet every month with a peer group of fellow CEOs and business leaders, all led by a seasoned business leader and executive coach. Grow your business and yourself in community.

  • Executive Coaching

    Personal executive coaching sessions where Convene members meet individually, once a month with their coaches to dig deeper and find answers for the challenges they face.

  • Expert Speakers

    Our lineup of experienced speakers will visit your team and take you on a deep dive into their field of expertise. Get your questions answered and learn from these skilled business leaders.

  • Content

    Convene produces class-leading content for continuous transformational learning. In your team you will spend time processing and learning together through these materials.

  • Member Events

    Our events are held throughout the year to serve our members by offering world-class speakers, training and interaction with peers. They serve as a time for us to grow and learn together.

Not convinced? Don’t just take it from us.

  • 85% of Convene Member companies outperform other companies in their industry
  • 81% of Members attribute significant improvement in their leadership abilities to their Convene experience
  • 97% of Members attribute transformation in their business, life and faith to their Convene experience
" Our Convene coaching has helped our leadership see our business in a more strategic manner. We have also added more kingdom focus to our company this year! Lisa Hultz, Mazon Associates, Inc.
" Convene and my brothers & sisters in my group have shown me what the "Theology of Work" looks like. Every aspect of God's company which I steward has been profoundly impacted and flourishes in ways it never would have if it weren't for Convene. Jon Frendl, Cappital

Are you ready to take your business performance and spiritual development to the next level?

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