"Convene has changed my business and given me a new perspective…"

Convene has given me a new perspective for how to view and grow my business. It's where I get together with other Christian CEOs and Business Owners and we make progress on real business problems and opportunities from a Christian worldview...


"Convene brings faith and business together in a way that has transformed my life and company..."

I definitely have a better relationship with God since joining Convene. It’s amazing how much more I can bring the Lord into different parts of my life. I thought business was kind of separate and exclusive to my faith, but now it just permeates everything I do...


"Convene is a group of Christian CEOs and Business Owners, and this is where I belong…"

You know, often times I find that when I talk to other CEOs, they don’t have a place to talk about what’s really going on in their lives or inside the walls of their companies. Convene has really given me an opportunity to come and share the challenges that I'm facing with others who know what I am going through...

ade King Fri, 28 Dec at 1:01pm