Prior to joining Convene, Tony was founder and CEO of 360Hubs and Twubs


My passion is helping others to become better leaders, achieve new levels of success and live an abundant life. I activate people and organizations to realize and accomplish more personally, professionally and spiritually.

Previously, I thought my success as an entrepreneur would be how I leave my mark. Then I discovered how I could really have an impact. I have the unique ability to help others identify what truly excites them, activating them to break through current challenges, move toward reaching goals and achieve greater levels of significance.

I believe in you. Let’s get moving today.

He started, built and sold 360Hubs, a white-label social media platform.  Currently, Twubs is a profit-positive growing social media company focused on making social content relevant to both brand builders and consumers.  Tony is also a published author and strategic development consultant.

Tony’s role in the Body of Christ is “to activate people and organizations for a global Kingdom impact.

He is passionate about business and helping leaders live the abundant life God has planned for them. His lifework is to help Christian CEOs, senior pastors and business owners become better leaders and achieve new levels of success and significance in their business, personal and spiritual life.

Tony graduated from Clemson University with a B.A. in Political Science, emphasis in communication. He serves on the Boards of Parishsoft, Incorporated, Ruth Graham Ministries, and The Austin Ervin Foundation. He and his family are active members at Sandals Church in Riverside.



I take a different approach to coaching. My goal is to be fully immersed in your world as rapidly as possible to help you find the clarity and confidence you need to take your next steps. Most coaches have a prescribed path that they stick your plan into. I try to see the world from where you are and help you discover the best next steps that fit within your vision, strengths and talents.

I don’t provide the same coaching program for everyone. What we do together will depend on where you are in the process, what your goals are and how much assistance and support you need. Nothing is cookie cutter when it comes to my coaching sessions.



Convene is peer-based consulting built on common values. I gather Christian CEOs, company presidents, business owners and other high capacity individuals to walk through life together. We encourage one another and work as peers on the common professional challenges we all face from time to time.

I facilitate conversation during our regular monthly forum meetings. There are three parts to these gatherings: spiritual devotion, business-related training and peer discussion of real obstacles members have brought to the table.



Every organization (whether a business, church, nonprofit or other group) cycles through “burst points.” Burst points are times when an organization needs to reinvent itself to push through a wall. Those moments result in either explosive growth or an implosive failure. Often, outside perspective and strategy can help push an organization to the next level and away from disaster. I use the Paterson StratOp Process to do this.

This process empowers a Certified Facilitator (me) to enable the process while the organization retains control over content, vision and goal setting. The result is a self-managed, non-dependent relationship which will help push through those burst points without creating an unnecessary, ongoing consultative cost center.



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